For the longest time, the UFC maintained that Todd Duffee’s seven-second knockout over Tim Hague at UFC 102 was the fastest knockout in UFC history, despite Duane “Bang” Ludwig’s four-second knockout of Jonathan Goulet at UFC Fight Night 3. Ludwig was unfortunately snubbed because the NSAC timekeeper screwed up and officially recorded the fight ending at 11 seconds, not four.

Many throughout the MMA community have lobbied to have it changed, including Ludwig himself. A petition was even started, and thanks to Ariel Helwani for bringing it up with Dana White in a recent interview, Dana has since decided to recognize Ludwig as the official record holder for the fastest KO in UFC history. Dana tweeted the news to Ludwig yesterday as a Xmas present.

@DUANEBANGCOM@ufc and for x mas you have the fastest KO in UFC history and it will be changed ASAP

Unfortunately however, the NSAC isn’t going to follow suit. Keith Kizer told MMA Junkie that there’s “no legal avenue to overturn it” which is just dumb. Furthermore, Kizer contends that it was actually more like an eight second knockout.

“The ruling is that it stays at 11,” NSAC Executive Director Keith Kizer today told ( “There’s no legal avenue to overturn it.”

“I did tell his people,” Kizer said. “I timed it myself with a stopwatch. It was eight seconds. Officially, it’s got to stay at 11 seconds, but unofficially, it could be at eight.”

“If you use a stopwatch, from the time the fight starts to the time that Mario grabs Duane, it’s about 7.9 seconds,” he said. “Why the official timekeeper had it at 11, I don’t know. But it wasn’t 11, and it wasn’t four, either.”

Well, unless the UFC’s clock was messed up too, it definitely looks like four seconds, maybe even 5 from the gif. I wasn’t able to locate the full video to time it myself, however Dana White says they have reviewed and four seconds is correct.

“Sounds like them,” he told “We reviewed it, and it’s correct. ‘Bang’ has the fastest knockout.

“It’s funny. The state athletic commissions are in place to look out for the fighters, but it seems like I’m always the one making sure they don’t get [expletive].”

Regardless of the NSAC’s predictable stubbornness, the UFC’s decision to recognize it seems to be good enough for Ludwig. Congrats Bang!

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Update: Duane Ludwig talking to MMA Fighting about the news:

“Joe Rogan actually MySpaced me — this was back when we were all using MySpace — and he told me, hey, you got screwed on the timing. I didn’t really care at the time. I said, you know, thanks and I appreciate it, but I didn’t really understand marketing back then.”

“When Todd Duffee got all that recognition for getting the fastest knockout record in seven seconds, I thought, well, that’s actually mine, and in four seconds,” said Ludwig. “Back when it actually happened, I didn’t care about the publicity or anything, but now that I’m getting older and, I guess, wiser, I understand marketing a little bit and I know that can help me and help me help others.”

“Ariel Helwani, he helped a lot because he was the first guy to publicly put Dana White on the spot about it. It wouldn’t have happened any other way, so that was really cool of him.”

“A lot of people still don’t even know that the UFC has these athletic commissions, that they’re governed by a third party,” he said. “And of course, we know that the commissions sometimes make questionable calls, so I think the more credible source is the UFC anyway. I’m a hundred percent fine with the UFC being the one to make it official. I’d prefer that, actually.”

“Every athlete is always looking for a way to separate himself from the pack. This is a record that will probably never be [broken]. It never happened before, and it’ll probably never happen again. It’s definitely a cool thing to have next to your name,” he said, adding, “It’s also a good story to tell the kids. When I’m old and telling that story I can joke with them and go, you better go to bed because I can knock you out in four seconds.”