Miguel Torres is back in the UFC.

Dana White broke the news after today’s UFC 141 pre-fight press conference.

“I was on vacation the last ten days, and his manager texted me and asked if they could come meet with me today,” White told reporters. “So I said yes — none of this was planned or anything — I said yes, and he came in this morning and sat me down and basically said, since the incident happened, he’s gone and reached out to every rape crisis center in Chicago and met with the people who run it and sat down and talked to them. He’s donated money to all the rape crisis centers. He’s been taking rape sensitivity classes, etcetera, etcetera.”

“He wasn’t told to do it,” White said. “He wasn’t told, if you do this, we’ll think about bringing you back or if you do this, you’ll come back. He wasn’t told anything, because we never talked.”

“I was criticized for cutting him. Now I’ll be criticized for bringing him back,” said the UFC president. “The bottom line is I don’t give a [expletive] what anybody thinks or what anybody says. I don’t give a [expletive] what your opinion is, I’m going to do this the way I want to do it.”

Torres seems to have learned his lesson.

“When I got cut, it showed me that what I say on Twitter, what I say on social media is very powerful. I took a lot of heat for what I said. I manned up and I took it on the chin. I realized that words are very powerful, and I’m very sorry. I know what I say can hurt people.”

Well, however it happened, I’m just glad to see Torres back in the UFC. He certainly shouldn’t have made rape jokes on Twitter, no matter how innocent his intentions, but cutting him for it was a bit much, especially when there were no repercussions for Forrest Griffin and Rashad Evans. All’s well that ends well I suppose.

Image via Dave Mandel for Sherdog