A few observations from UFC 141: “Lesnar vs. Overeem”:

-Anthony Njokuani versus Danny Castillo was the kind of fight you’d show someone if they were curious about MMA and you didn’t like them and wanted them to not like the sport.

-Ross Pearson didn’t exactly look impressive against Junior Assuncao, but he got the job done. And by “job done”, I mean that TUF Lucite slab he earned still has a little bit of luster left on it.

-The way Jimy Hettes absolutely dominated Nam Phan on the ground, you have to wonder if Phan’s black belt in jiu-jitsu was earned from taking a University of Phoenix online course.

-Please. No more Vladimir Matyushenko. He’s done a lot in the cage, and was once a challenger for the light-heavyweight belt. We don’t need to see him die in the Octagon.

-This joke was all over Twitter immediately after the Jon Fitch/Johny Hendricks bout, but it was so good I’m going to repost it here: “Wow, that was the most exciting Jon Fitch fight ever!” Heh.

-Never before has Nate Diaz looked so much like his brother. And folks, that is a very good thing.

-I’m not saying the Brock Lesnar of 2009 could have beaten Alistair Overeem last night, but there’s no question the Brock of old would have at least gone for – and gotten – a takedown.