Alistair Overeem received some good news following his victory over Brock Lesnar at UFC 141. That big check he was supposed to get for demolishing Brock Lesnar? He was actually going to get it.

If you’re wondering why he wouldn’t, then you probably missed the news right before the fight that his former management Knock Out Investments/Golden Glory obtained a pre-judgement to hold his UFC 141 purse in an escrow account until the courts figured out if they were rightfully owed a portion of it. Well, it turns out the wage garnishment was contingent upon KOI/GG posting a $200,000 surety bond and for whatever reason, they did not, so Overeem got paid.

ESPN’s Josh Gross has the details.

A Nevada court, citing an existing and enforceable pact between Overeem and Knock Out Investments, a fighter management group, decreed that UFC parent company Zuffa “is directed to issue a check from the portion of the purse owed to Overeem in the respective amount of $241,285,49, made payable to Knock-Out Investments; and that the Nevada State Athletic Commission shall hold” the check pending further order of the court.

That order was contingent on KOI, also known as Golden Glory, posting a $200,000 surety bond by fight time.

Nevada State Athletic Commission executive director Keith Kizer told it was his understanding that the bond was not posted, therefore Overeem received a check for $385,714.28 — his bout fee and win bonus. Overeem will also earn a signficiant portion of UFC 141’s pay-per-view proceeds.

The funny thing was Overeem didn’t even know about it until one of the reporters at the post-fight press conference asked him about it. He kept his emotions in check like always, but you could tell he wasn’t happy. I can only imagine the sense of relief he felt when he got word that was getting paid after all.

It’s only a small victory though. The lawsuit is still pending which means he may still have to give some of it up to his former team.

Image via Dave Mandel for Sherdog

Update: KOI’s lead attorney Roderick J. Lindblom comments on the latest development. Looks like they’re targeting Overeem’s pay-per-view bonus now.

“This was a short-term possibility that KOI and Golden Glory were prepared for,” stated Roderick J. Lindblom, who’s representing the fighter’s former management team, in a release issued Monday evening. “Seeking the initial writ was merely the first step in a long-term litigation strategy that KOI and Golden Glory will prosecute in Nevada. The writ of attachment remedy remains fully available to my clients and will be sought as to Mr. Overeem’s future pay-per-view payout, which we expect will be more lucrative than his initial fight purse.”

“Rest assured, now that we have had the opportunity to troubleshoot complex international hurdles – and without a long holiday weekend to contend with – future writs of attachment will be utilized to ensure that Mr. Overeem makes good on the commissions owed to my clients and his Golden Glory training team, who helped him achieve the success he now enjoys,” Lindblom stated.