It seems Lyoto Machida has had enough of Chael Sonnen’s big mouth.

Following successful elbow surgery today (yes, that’s news to me too), Machida laid down a challenge to Sonnen on Twitter. Translation via MMA Fighting:

“Chael Sonnen, I just had surgery but I can still give you your present in the octagon with just one arm. All you have to do is accept,” he wrote.

Apparently, Machida wasn’t thrilled with that “Chael’s Corner” preview clip where Sonnen said he hoped Machida got a big bottle of Listerene for Christmas to chase his morning cup of urine with. Not a bad idea actually. Nevertheless, it seems Machida has had enough of Sonnen’s constant insults and decided to take a stand.

It’s doubtful a Sonnen vs. Machida match-up would materialize anytime in the foreseeable future though. Sonnen continued to hint at the end of that clip that he’s gunning for Jon Jones or Georges St. Pierre, however a rematch with Anderson Silva remains the most likely scenario if he beats Mark Munoz at UFC on FOX 2.

By the way, Machida’s surgery “went well,” but it’s unclear how long it will keep him out of action.