The biggest thing I learned (from loss to Joe Lauzon) was to be patient and not rush myself. The only reason he won that was because I rushed myself. I was rushing my shots trying to hit and I actually ran into a stiff jab that rocked me. By the time I hit the canvas and could shake it off he was already on my back. So it’s a life lesson, you know what I mean? I walked away with no scratches, no bruises. And now I’ve been blessed even more after a loss, the first time in my UFC career, they’re actually giving me a number one contender fight against Jim Miller… So I’m excited and that goes to show that I didn’t lose anything from that loss, but I got to learn something.

— Melvin Guillard talking to MMA Canada TV about his loss to Joe Lauzon and fighting Jim Miller for a title shot

Um, does Melvin Guillard know something we don’t?

Melvin Guillard was in line to fight for the lightweight title and if he had beat Joe Lauzon at UFC 136, there’s a good chance he would be fighting Frankie Edgar for the lightweight title next month, not Ben Henderson, but he didn’t. He loss that fight in the most decisive way possible. I could see throwing him back “in the mix” if beats Jim Miller, but it would pretty much impossible to justify giving him a title shot over the Joe Lauzon vs. Anthony Pettis winner or even Nate Diaz at this point.

More than likely there was just some miscommunication somewhere along the way, but if it is true, how pissed are you if you’re Lauzon, Pettis or Diaz?

Image via Dave Mandel for Sherdog