A few observations from Strikeforce: “Rockhold vs. Jardine”:

-James Terry was robbed. That said, Nah-Shon Burrell has got a world of potential – the right kind of potential, the explosive entertaining kind – so a win for him hopefully means we’ll get to see him in the cage with someone who will go toe to toe.

-Now that’s the Gian Villante I know.

-Tyler Stinson looked like a scary dude, and I could totally see him starching opponents with the way he hits. His brand of ass-kickery made me appreciate the considerable skill and pluck of Tarec Saffiedine way more.

-Does Tyron Woodley know his style of fighting sucks? Has he not seen where it got Jon Fitch? If he keeps it up, no one is ever going to want to see him fight.

-Now King Mo’s destruction of Lorenz Larkin, that’s how you ground and pound someone. Is there a way we could arrange for him to give Woodley some lessons?

-For a second there, I thought Adlan Amagov wasn’t going to follow the script and let Robbie Lawler strike with him. But then he did, and now Strikeforce has one more viable middleweight contender.

-At UFC 27, Pedro Rizzo was put in the cage to face Dan Severn. Everyone knew Severn didn’t belong in there, he was past his prime and Rizzo was just reaching his. But the match went down, and it ended ugly, with Severn TKO’d by Rizzo’s leg-kicks in the first round. Luke Rockhold’s squash match against Keith Jardine was like watching that old bout all over again. The accumulation of years of competition have taken their sudden and unyielding toll on “The Dean of Mean”, and watching him struggle to keep up – when it wasn’t too long ago that he could keep up, and even get meaningful wins – isn’t even remotely worth watching. Please, Strikeforce, put him against a scrub or untested up-and-comer, or don’t put him in at all.