If Gray Maynard, who knows a thing or two about wrestling, is to be believed, then Chad Mendes doesn’t stand much of a chance against Jose Aldo this weekend at UFC 142. Maynard has been training with Jose Aldo down in Brazil for UFC 142, and says Aldo’s takedown defense is “unbelievable.”

“I knew he was good, but I had no idea he was as good as he is in every area. Really unbelievable, especially his takedown defense. That goes for all of Nova Uniao [Aldo’s home gym] also.

“He’s really one of the most, if not the most complete fighter I’ve ever worked with.”

“I think Mendes is a tough kid, but I think its too early for him to fight Jose Aldo.”

If Aldo was going to bring someone in to help him prep for Mendes’ wrestling, there probably isn’t anyone better his size than Gray Maynard.

The big question is: Will training with Maynard give Aldo the competitive advantage he needs to shut down Mendes’ explosive wrestling and force him into a striking match? If so, it’s definitely going to be Aldo’s fight to lose.

Image via Jeff Sherwood for Sherdog