When a fighter misses weight by a pound or two, there’s usually a pretty simple explanation whether it be a slight miscalculation in the weight cut, a stubborn pound that won’t come off or even an inaccurate test scale. When a fighter misses weight by 10+ pounds though like Anthony Johnson did yesterday, you have to figure something went drastically wrong.

Well according to his management, it did. Johnson’s manager informed MMA Weekly last night that Johnson was on target to make weight early Friday morning but got very sick during the cut to the point a doctor ordered him to rehydrate.

According to Johnson’s manager, Glenn Robinson of Authentic Sports Management, who spoke to MMAWeekly.com on Friday, “Rumble” woke up on Friday morning weighing 191.5 pounds, only 5.5 pounds shy of the 186-pound weight limit for middleweight.

With three hours to go until weigh-ins, Johnson was only a pound and a half away from making weight when his body started feeling off.

Robinson says that Johnson started feeling sick and unstable, and so a local doctor came in to check him out to see what exactly was going on.

The doctor gave Johnson fluids to see if it would improve his condition, and within a couple of hours, the Blackzilian fighter started to come back to life. Unfortunately, at this point it was too late to cut the weight back down to 186 pounds.

“It was medical reasons, it wasn’t for lack of effort,” Robinson said. “The UFC was extremely supportive and said health comes first.”

Johnson was naturally hit with a ton of criticism from media and fans after the weigh-ins. Johnson went on Facebook to fire back. Via BE:

I’m already laughing at what ppl are saying. Yeah it was for medical reason and I did what the UFC Dr Told me to do. Believe it or don’t I give a f**k cuz the ppl close to me were freaking out but I’m still alive and something like this has never happen before. Say what you want I’m still gonna do my thang. You try not having feeling in your legs and can’t move then and see how you look at life after that

Johnson and his camp may be blaming it on a “medical issue” — basically throwing their hands up and saying “not our fault!” — but unless that medical issue was completely unrelated to the weight cut, then Johnson still needs to accept responsibility because it certainly sounds like it was caused by cutting too much weight in one day.

Circling back, Johnson’s manager mentioned that the UFC was “extremely supportive” throughout the ordeal. While that may be the case, it doesn’t mean they’re happy about it. Well, at least Dana White isn’t. He told MMA Junkie last night that Johnson’s job is on the line.

“His job is on the line,” White said. “His job is absolutely on the line, win or lose.”

“Complete and absolute unprofessionalism – that’s what happened,” White said. “There’s no other way it can be explained.”

It certainly a messy situation but the good news is the fight will happen tonight. Per Belfort’s request, Johnson had to weigh-in under 205 lbs. today for the fight to go on. I was under the impression yesterday that Johnson would have to weigh-in closer to fight time, but that wasn’t the case. The UFC confirmed this morning that Johnson weighed in at 204.2 pounds and the fight is “ON.”

Image via MMA Junkie