UFC 142 PosterUFC 142 takes place later tonight at the HSBC Arena in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The event airs live on pay-per-view at 10pm ET/7pm PT. The pay-per-view broadcast will be preceded by a prelim special on FX at 8pm ET/5pm PT.

In the main event, Jose Aldo puts his featherweight title on the line against Chad Mendes.

Anthony Johnson meets Vitor Belfort in the co-main event.

Rousimar Palhares takes on Mike Massenzio in a middleweight bout.

Carlo Prater takes on Erick Silva in a welterweight match-up.

Edson Barboza meets Terry Etim in a lightweight bout.

Results, recap and bonuses after the jump.


  • Jose Aldo def. Chad Mendes via KO (Knee) at 4:59 in Round 1
  • Vitor Belfort def. Anthony Johnson via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 4:49 in Round 1
  • Rousimar Palhares def. Mike Massenzio via Submission (Heelhook) at 1:03 in Round 1
  • Carlo Prater def. Erick Silva via Disqualification (Illegal Punches to the Back of the Head) at :29 in Round 1
  • Edson Barboza def. Terry Etim via KO (Spinning Heel-Kick) at 2:02 in Round 3
  • Thiago Tavares def. Sam Stout via Unanimous Decision
  • Gabriel Gonzaga def. Ednaldo Oliveira via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 3:22 in Round 1
  • Yuri Alcantara def. Michihiro Omigawa via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-27)
  • Mike Pyle def. Ricardo Funch via TKO (Punches) at 1:22 in Round 1
  • Felipe Arantes def. Antonio “Pato” Carvalho via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Recap & Thoughts

Ricardo Funch vs. Mike Pyle: In a battle between a well-rounded American in Pyle and jiu-jitsu specialist Funch, it came down to who was better on the feet – and after a minute of back-and-forth testing of range and defenses, that better man was Pyle.  Landing a picture-perfect right hand that stumbled Funch then a knee that crumpled him against the cage, Pyle poured it on and got the TKO win at 1:22 of the first round.

Yuri Alcantara vs. Michihiro Omigawa: Omigawa may have high-level judo street cred inJapan, but all that “pajama fighting” failed to prepare him for the striking prowess of Alcantara, who came out and instantly landed a hard knee to Omigawa’s body in their bout’s opening seconds.  What followed was a lot of the Brazilian dazzling with jabs that rarely missed, crosses that made the Japanese fighter wobble, more damaging knees, and in the latter half of the first round, a spinning elbow that sent Omigawa to the canvas.  Even on the ground the action favored Alcantara, as he took his foe’s back repeatedly, and to make matters worse, he spent the waning seconds of Round 1 hyperextending Omigawa’s arm with an armbar.  The punishment continued on the ground in the second, with the Brazilian reigning supreme from top position, and though Alcantara gassed badly in the third round, he had just enough energy to keep Omigawa from doing anything more than cosmetic damage when the judoka got on top.  The unanimous decision going to Alcantara was a no-brainer when time ran out.

Gabriel Gonzaga vs. Ednaldo Oliveira: It took two minutes of feeling his opponent before the veteran Gonzago committed to a takedown, but once he did, getting Oliveira down and keeping him there was easy.  From there, the methodical journey to Oliveira’s back and subsequent rear naked choke was inevitable, and Gonzaga secured the tap out at 3:22 of Round 1.

Sam Stout vs. Thiago Tavares: On paper, Stout’s resume implied a vast striking superiority over the Brazilian Tavares, and this proved to be true throughout the first, with Tavares struggling to keep the Canadian down whenever he wasn’t getting picked apart on the feet.  But as time wore on things evened out in the standup game, which made their contest extremely close almost all the way up to the final bell – the “almost” accentuated by Stout rocking Tavares with a right hand in the last ten seconds of the bout.  Was it enough in the judges’ eyes?  Nope, as they awarded the unanimous decision to the hometown boy.

Edson Barboza vs. Terry Etim: Brit fighter Etim came out in Round 1 with focus and intensity, and immediately tried to impose his will with takedowns and crisp MuayThai. But Barboza stuffed just about every takedown attempt, and once the Brazilian was warmed up, he began chopping Etim’s lead leg to bits with whip-like kicks.  To his credit, Etim didn’t fold, kept moving forward, and got in a few good kicks and punches of his own.  Standing and striking with Barboza is a dangerous ploy, though, and at 2:02 of Round 3 he timed a spectacular spinning heel-kick that landed square on Etim’s chin, knocking the Brit out completely.  Hooray for the first ever spinning heel-kick KO in the Octagon!

Carlo Prater vs. Erick Silva: Silva, a.k.a. “Brazilian Beast Mode”, has got ridiculous raw power, which he brought to bear on Prater early on when Prater shot in.  Blasting his opponent with a knee to the body then a series of punches and hammerfists to the head, Silva instantly turned Prater into a fetal ball of fallen humanity, and it appeared the Jungle Fight champ had secured another quick win.  Unfortunately, when Mario Yamasaki jumped in and halted the bout at the 29-second mark, the referee decreed that the blows were illegal (a replay showed that about two of them were to the back of the head), and he disqualified Silva.  Not quite the ending anyone wanted, but Silva still impressed.

Mike Massenzio vs. Rousimar Palhares: He may have started out throwing hard leg-kicks, but you knew it was inevitable that Palhares was at some point going to go for a leglock.  And what do you know, at about the one-minute mark the Brazilian pulled guard, spun around, snagged Massenzio’s leg, slipped on a heelhook and twisted.  The American tapped out at 1:03 of the first round.

Vitor Belfort vs. Anthony Johnson: Disgusting weight advantage wielded by your wrestling-centric opponent?  Vitor Belfort says no problem!  Clashing with the bigger Johnson on the feet,Belfortat first seemed to have trouble dealing with Rumble’s aggressive charging, and soon found himself fighting off his back.  ButBelfort’s jiu-jitsu black belt skills enabled him to stalemate Johnson (although he did eat a few punches that closed up his right eye) and get the referee standup.  Then came Johnson’s failed takedown attempts,Belfort’s spinning around and taking the American’s back, and the rear naked choke that had Johnson tapping at 4:49 of the frame.

Jose Aldo vs. Chad Mendes: Mendes had one route to success in his pairing against featherweight deity Aldo, and that was to wrestle the Brazilian to death.  He was not successful.  Trying to mix strikes with takedown attempts to make his foe believe he was threat, Mendes had absolutely zero luck, eating leg-kicks and grabbing at air.  However, for about the last minute of the first round Mendes had a hold of Aldo’s back on the feet, and though part of the champ’s defense against going to the ground was to held the fence, eventually he spun out of Mendes’ clutches and planted a knee to American’s jaw that sent him to the canvas stunned.  The follow-up punches Aldo delivered were purely semantic, and the referee’s intrusion rendered the KO official at 4:59 of Round 1.

Bonuses $65,000

Submission of the Night: Rousimar Palhares
Knockout of the Night: Edson Barboza
Fight of the Night: Edson Barboza vs. Terry Etim