Jose Aldo celebrates his victory over Chad Mendes at UFC 142 | AP Photo/Felipe Dana

Rundown of UFC 142 post-fight news and notes…

— Edson Barboza exited the HSBC Arena last night with a six-figure payday in hand for his amazing spinning heel kick KO of Terry Etim. The UFC awarded him both the Knockout of the Night and Fight of the Night bonuses, each worth $65,000, for a total of $130,000 in bonus money. Meanwhile, Rousimar Palhares earned the Submission of the Night bonus for heel hooking Mike Massenzio.

— Gray Maynard was right. Chad Mendes couldn’t take Jose Aldo down and the moment that came apparent was the moment Aldo had the fight in the bag. Moving forward, Aldo finds himself at a fork in the road. He can either stay at featherweight and continue dominating the division or he can move up to lightweight and make a run at Frankie Edgar’s title. Dana White says he’s fine with whatever Aldo decides.

“People have been asking me about Jose Aldo moving up to 155 pounds to take on Frankie Edgar or some of the top guys there,” White said at Saturday night’s post-UFC 142 press conference at the HSBC Arena in Rio de Janeiro. “That’s up to him. He’s going to have to make that decision whether he wants to make that move or not. I would have no problem with him staying at his weight now and defending his title there or moving to 155 pounds – whatever he feels like he wants to do.”

“Aldo looked fantastic tonight,” White said. “He was in tremendous shape. He came in, and you could tell his head was in this fight, and he came out performed against a real guy who was undefeated and came to take that belt away. I hate this pound-for-pound [expletive] now. You’ve still got to look at the year ‘Bones’ had. Anderson’s run is tough to beat. But it does make it interesting for Frankie Edgar. It’s crazy.”

While I’d love to see Aldo move up and challenge Edgar since there really aren’t any obvious contenders at featherweight, it’s still a difficult decision for him. He would be risking a lot by abandoning his title to chase another. That said, there would be obvious benefits to winning a title in a more established weight class. There’s no doubt he has the talent to do it.

— We’ve already covered Anthony Johnson’s release from the UFC due to his weight issues, but here’s Johnson commenting on his actual performance in the fight.

“A loss is a loss. My legs just got really tired. I didn’t get beat up in there and he really didn’t hurt me with what he hit me with. I just got tired. I’ve got to figure this thing out.”

The answer seems pretty obvious. Move to light heavyweight or figure out how to cut weight the right way.

— Erick Silva vs. Carlo Prater ended in controversial fashion last night. Silva knocked Prater down and proceeded to pound him with hammerfists. Problem was Prater’s head was down and many of the strikes appeared to hit the back his head. We’ve seen it a million times before but this time referee Mario Yamazaki decided to DQ Silva instead of awarding him the victory. It’s difficult to tell from the replay how many of the strikes were actually illegal due to the camera angles, but Dana White saw enough to believe Silva should have been the victor and planned to pay him like he was.

“We’re going to pay him like he won the fight,” White told

“I would appeal it if I was him,” White said. “The thing is that when you do it, Ratner is the guy to talk to about this. We try to run things the way that they’re supposed to be run, like the athletic commission would.”

Dana didn’t blast Yamasaki like he probably would have if it was Steve Mazzagatti, but he thinks instant replay should have been in place to overturn the call.

“It drives me crazy,” White said. “It drives me [expletive] crazy. Every other sport has instant replay. Listen, there are refs out there like Steve Mazzagatti that are just plain bad. He’s a bad ref. He’s got no business in the ring. But you’ve got guys like Mario Yamasaki and some of the other guys that are going to make mistakes. There’s nothing wrong with making mistakes. There’s nothing wrong. We’re [expletive] human. We’re going to do it. But you have to be able to go back and say, ‘We made a mistake. Here’s the proof. Let’s overturn it.'”

What’s puzzling about this is the NSAC does have an instant replay policy in place and the UFC follows NSAC guidelines for regulating events when they visit foreign countries, so the means to review it should have been in place. I believe the referee has to make the call to review it though, so maybe that’s why nothing was done to ensure it was the right decision.

— North American broadcast plans are still coming together for TUF Brazil, however Dana White says the show will most likely air on FUEL TV the same day it airs in Brazil.

“It’s not done, but I’m very confident it will be on FUEL TV, and it will run real time,” he said. “When it airs here (in Brazil on Globo), [FUEL TV] will air its equivalent in the U.S. at the same time. It will air the same night, almost at the same time.”

Instead of having a separate “TUF Finale” card like they’ve had with all previous seasons of TUF, the finals and the coaches fight between Vitor Belfort and Wanderlei Silva will actually take place on the big San Paulo, Brazil pay-per-view card they’re planning for June.

Photo credit: Felipe Dana/AP Photo