It’s no secret that Rampage Jackson and King Mo aren’t friends. They’ve been at each other’s throats ever since King Mo came onto the scene years ago, so when it was announced that King Mo has tested positive for steroids, MMA Heat’s Karyn Bryant tracked Rampage down to get his thoughts on the news. Here’s what Rampage said via MMA Mania:

“He talk a big game, he say all this stuff, he’s calling people bums and everything and it’s just karma. Look at him. He’s a very cocky individual. I feel like any fighter that has to use steroids to go in a cage and fight somebody is not a true fighter. Some people have problems, like okay, go to the doctor and get it sorted out. There are some fighters out there who are of age and they’re doing the right things to stay healthy and stay competitive but somebody blatantly taking anabolic steroids to get in the cage, it’s a sad case. It’s a sad case.”

Before Strikeforce signed their new deal with Showtime and Strikeforce appeared to be dead in the water, a grudge match between these two looked pretty promising, but now that King Mo is stuck in Strikeforce and suspended for the next year, who knows if they’ll ever settle their score in the cage.