There’s a pretty good chance that Chael Sonnen is going to put Michael Bisping on his back next weekend when they face off at UFC on FOX 2. While most would consider it to be one of the worst-case scenarios for Bisping, he actually welcomes it. As he told Fighters Only in a recent interview, he’d actually be “delighted” if Sonnen takes him down because he believes he can submit him from his back.

FO: Chael has been training to face a wrestler so he’s not tailored his camp to suit your style either, will that be an advantage to you?

“No because it simply means that his wrestling skills will be on point, I’m going to get the best Chael Sonnen possible I know that. But his jiu-jitsu wont be too slick. Chael Sonnen can take me down if he likes, because I know I can submit him off my back. I know I can. That’s his big weakness.

“I may not have a black belt, but I consider myself a black belt. I’ve been rolling with Jake Shields, Dean Lister and a wash of other world champions. Believe me, if Chael Sonnen takes me down he better be prepared to get submitted.”

FO: Is that the gameplan then, to submit Chael Sonnen?

“Working with these guys recently, these top level jiu-jitsu guys, has really brought on my game and I am so comfortable on my back right now. In the past I have stood fights up a lot but the way I am training right now, I will be delighted if Chael takes me down. If he does, then it will be a short night for him.”

There’s no question that Sonnen’s submission defense is his biggest weakness. A glance down his record shows that nearly every loss he’s had has come via submission. I don’t know if Bisping has the jiu-jitsu skills to submit Chael from bottom position, but he clearly has the confidence to do it which could make all the difference if that’s where the fight ends up.

What do you think? Can you see Michael Bisping winning via submission?

Image via Dave Mandel for Sherdog