Former Strikeforce fighter Mike Whitehead is going to prison.

According to USA Today, Clark County District Court Judge Douglas Herndon sentenced Whitehead to one to four years in state prison today for attempting to sexually assault a woman in his bedroom after a barbeque at his house. Additionally, Whitehead will also have to register as a sex offender and pay $2,400 in restitution.

Whitehead’s attorney, William Terry, negotiated a plea deal with prosecutors last September which he expected would result in Whitehead serving probation, however the judge felt a stricter penalty was appropriate since Whitehead never admitted to any part of the alleged crime.

“Sexual assault is a very serious offense,” the judge told Whitehead. He said he was troubled that Whitehead never admitted during presentencing interviews with state officials that he committed the sex acts.

“I can’t buy complete denial — that nothing happened,” Herndon said. “I just can’t put you on probation.”

Whitehead entered a so-called Alford plea in the case in September, meaning he did not admit guilt but conceded prosecutors could prove the case against him.

It obviously wasn’t the outcome Whitehead was hoping for, but it could have been worse had he plead not guilty to the charges and went to trial. If found guilty there, Whitehead could have been sentenced to over a decade in prison.