A few observations from UFC on FX: “Guillard vs. Miller”:

-Russian fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov wrecked Kamal Shalorus something fierce. Which is a pity, because his name is exceedingly hard to spell, and now we’re going to see that badass fight lots more and guys like me have to write about it. Why can’t guys with names like “Joe Smith” fight?

-Thank you, Jorge Rivera, for a long and fruitful career in the cage. You may not have won any UFC titles, but you kicked ass more often than not and always entertained.

-Not since Andre Roberts KO’d Harry Moskowitz at UFC 17 have we seen standing elbows used like that. Welcome to the Octagon, Nick Denis. You shall make a fine addition to the bantamweight roster.

-Ah what the heck, if Pat Barry can deliver those colorful knockouts every now and then, I say keep him. Christian Morecraft, on the other, has got to go.

-Mike Easton: scrapping hard like it ain’t no thang.

-In case you were wondering, that guillotine Josh Neer employed is dubbed a “C-otine”, which was the work product of Miletich-trained Mike Ciesnolevicz from years ago. If you thought TUF washout Cody McKenzie invented it, please punch yourself in the groin now.

-I don’t fault Melvin Guillard for getting swiftly handled once he went to the ground. No, all credit goes to Jim Miller and his ace jiu-jitsu skills on that. WAR MILLER!