Whenever you have Rashad Evans and Chael Sonnen on a conference call there’s bound to be some fiery words thrown around and that’s exactly what happened on Friday’s UFC on FOX 2 conference call. Evans got into it with his opponent Phil Davis while Sonnen chose to focus all his attention on Anderson Silva, not Michael Bisping.

Oddly enough, it wasn’t Rashad who started the back-and-forth barbs though. It was Phil Davis and all it took was him mentioning fighting for the title after he wins next Saturday night to set Evans off. Transcription via MMA Fighting:

“After I beat Rashad on the 28th, they won’t really have anything else to do with me other than to have me fight [Jones],” Davis said. “Rashad is the true number one contender, and after he loses, who else do I fight? The champion.”

“You ain’t beating me, dog,” said the former 205-pound champ. “And you know what? It can’t get here fast enough, because I’m going to smash you, dude.”

Evans: “He ain’t ready. He knows he ain’t ready. I look in his eyes and see he ain’t ready. Just a boy.”

Davis: “It’s a shame. I was kind of thinking, you really shouldn’t be too concerned about that title shot. That’s just one of those things. It’s not going to be for a little while. You’ve got a little while until you’ve got to worry about a title shot.”

Evans: “We’re going to see what happens when those lights hit you, when you walk out and that crowd is roaring. We’re going to see. We’re going to see what kind of man you are. We’re going to see what kind of fighter you are, because I know you ain’t no fighter.”

It didn’t stop there, but yeah, I think you get the picture.

Meanwhile, Chael Sonnen continued to claim a rematch with Anderson Silva will never happen. He says Silva just flat out refuses to fight him or anybody for that matter. Trnascription via MMA Junkie:

“I can guarantee you – Anderson Silva and I will never cross paths again,” Sonnen said today.

“I don’t if he’s going to retire, or [the UFC is] going to retire him,” Sonnen said. “I think the plan was if I could get past Munoz and if Michael was successful against Demian, they were going to do an interim championship between Bisping and I.

“I know Anderson’s not going to fight. The folks at the UFC know he’s not going to fight. I’m all for promoting and marketing and all that good stuff. I don’t want to throw water on a perfectly hot flame, but Anderson Silva’s not going to fight anybody.”

“I can tell you that behind the scenes, they tried to put me and Anderson together four times, and four times he said no,” he said. “I called him out publicly. You call out a Brazilian publicly, you’re going to be fighting that Brazilian. That’s in their culture, and he sat there and covered his mouth and hid behind Charles Barkley, which is a smart move. It saved him a trip to the hospital. But Anderson Silva is not going to fight me. I don’t believe he’s going to fight Bisping. I don’t believe he’s going to fight again. That’s my personal opinion.

“He even said no to (UFC executive) Lorenzo Fertitta’s face. Face-to-face, not over the phone – Lorenzo brought him out, sat him down, and said, ‘This is the fight we want.’ And Anderson said no.”

Like most things Chael Sonnen says though, you can take this with a grain of salt. Speaking to Ariel Helwani after UFC on FX 1, Dana White “100% guaranteed” Silva vs. Sonnen II will go down in Brazil this summer if Chael beats Michael Bisping.

Full conference call audio above via BJPenn.com.