So my prediction for Rashad Evans vs. Phil Davis… I don’t know, I could see Phil Davis winning by knockout. I mean really Rashad’s chin sucks. I could Rashad winning by taking him down and laying on him… It’s gonna be a great fight. I’m sure Phil Davis has gotten a lot better since his last appearance. Rashad’s showing some changes in his game. So I don’t know. I’m rooting for Rashad to win the fight. That way I can fight Rashad and get past this. Get it over with. So we’ll see what happens.

— Jon Jones on Dana White’s UFC on FOX 2 video blog giving his prediction for Rashad Evans vs. Phil Davis

It’s kinda funny how Jon Jones predicts this fight. It’s either Rashad wins via boring Fitch-style decision or Rashad gets knocked out in spectacular fashion! Either way, Rashad sucks!!

In reality, I really don’t see either of those things happening. Phil Davis is too good of a wrestler to let Rashad lay on him for five rounds and I don’t think his striking is developed enough to hang with Rashad on the feet. If anything, I think Davis gets knocked out or Rashad takes a decision in a fairly decent fight. Rashad is just too well-rounded and has too much big fight experience for Davis at this point.

On another note, check out Rashad’s UFC on FOX 2 video blog below.