Dana White sat down with the media following today’s UFC on FOX 2 pre-fight press conference to talk about all the hot topics in MMA. We’ve got a rundown of news and notes coming out of that Q&A session along with Ariel Helwani’s interview with Dana and some other notes from the press conference below.

— As you would expect, Chael Sonnen garnered most of the attention at today’s press conference with his fake UFC championship belt. While it’s hard to fathom that he actually believes it’s the real belt, he certainly played it off like it was.

“This is the world championship title of which I took from Anderson Silva,” Sonnen explained of the belt in front of him. “In this country, possession is nine-tenths of the law. Finders keepers, losers weepers, and if he wants it back, he knows where to find me.”

“I believe that I am the true champion,” Sonnen said. “This is the true UFC belt. This was Anderson Silva’s belt. I took his belt like a gangster in the night … If he wants his belt back, he can come and get it. But as far as I’m concerned, he’s as irrelevant as Mike Tyson. The only thing he hasn’t done is announce his retirement. He sound paint his face, gain a hundred pounds, sit in the third row and hope somebody remembers who they are because neither of those guys matter anymore.”

Dana of course had to chime in and set the record straight for anyone who didn’t know any better.

“Chael’s nuts,” White said. “He says all kinds of crazy things. He’s [claims he’s] champion … Listen to me. Okay? Listen to me. He’s not the champion. He will fight Anderson Silva if he wins. He will not fight for the heavyweight championship or Jon Bones Jones.”

Some other choice quotes from Sonnen:

“You’re looking at the reflection of perfection. You’re looking at the man who gets all your attention. You’re looking at the man with the biggest arm. At the man, with the greatest charm, the man in Chicago who will do harm to the guy three doors down.”

“Whatcha gonna do, when you know who? Howya gonna deal, with the man of steel? How ya gonna react to Sonnen’s attack? Tune in on the 28th! 8 p.m. Eastern Time! You’ll find out who the real champion is.”

Michael Bisping tried to spark a litlle back-and-forth between him and Chael with this, but Sonnen never bit.

“He can keep his fake belt and shove it up his ass,” Bisping said. “He ain’t fighting Anderson Silva.”

— Sonnen and Bisping may not have got into it too much, but Rashad Evans and Phil Davis definitely did. They went at it several times, but this was the highlight.

“If I wrestled you in college, I guarantee I would have beaten you,” Evans said. “If you wrestled right now, I guarantee I’d beat you right now.”

“That’s interesting. … How many years were you an All-American?” Davis pondered.

“You used trash to win,” Evans shot back. “You could not win a world competition, man. You could not win on an international stage because you have trash technique.”

“Really? You are believing your own hype, my friend,” said Davis. “Who tells you these stories?”

“I watch the way you move,” said Evans. “You have trash technique.”

“What have you been watching?” an incredulous Davis asked.

The quotes don’t do it justice. Check out the video highlight here.

Evans later capped it off with perhaps the funniest statement of the day, saying “Phil lookin’ like Arsenio Hall and John Salley had a baby.” Davis even laughed at that one, probably because it’s kinda true.

— Dana White finally commented on the UFC.com hacking from last weekend beyond the “I don’t give a sh*t” that he put out on Twitter. Staying true to himself, Dana basically challenged hackers to try it again.

Is SOPA the perfect bill? No, it’s not.

The only thing that we’re focused on is piracy. Piracy is stealing. You walk into a store and you steal a (freaking) gold watch, it’s the same as stealing a pay-per-view.

I don’t care what your twisted, demented idea of stealing is. These kids that grew upon the Internet have never had to pay for anything, so they think you shouldn’t have to.

Keep hacking our site. Do it again. Do it tonight.

You know what’s happening is? These guys look like terrorists now, and a bill that was about to die is about to come back. …

I’m not afraid of the Internet. I love the Internet. It’s fun to get on there and cruise around and stuff. I’m not afraid of you.

You want to keep hacking our site, go for it. Watch what happens. You’re hurting yourself.

Call me crazy, but taunting a community of anonymous hackers is probably not the smartest idea when you have people’s credit card information stored for online pay-per-views and merchandise. Just saying.

Update: The hackers accepted the challenge alright. The same hacker group that hacked UFC.com posted the following tweet and then released what appeared to be (though not confirmed) Dana White’s personal information including his phone numbers, address and social security number.

@danawhite We don’t want your site anymore. We are going after YOU! Follow me for tonights exciting events! #ufc #sopa #acta #pipa

Dana didn’t respond specifically to the hacker but he did get into it with several people on Twitter over his statements including the infamous hacking group Anonymous.

— Dana White confirmed again that Anthony Johnson is no longer with the UFC, but he at least left the door open for him to return if he can start acting like a professional.

“He needs to go fight somewhere else, get some wins, come in on weight,” White said of Johnson. “He needs to prove to me that he can be a professional, show up on weight and do the things he needs to do. If he does, we can talk.”

Interestingly enough, Dana did ease up on his stance on Nate Marquardt, saying “I don’t dislike Nate. I like Nate very much. We’ll see what happens.” Marquardt has not fought since Dana booted him out for screwing up the UFC on Versus 4 main event last year. Perhaps his next fight will be in the UFC after all.

— It sounds like Dana White is as sick of the tainted supplement excuse as everyone else. In response to a question about King Mo claiming his positive test was the result of a bad supplement, Dana says he doesn’t buy it.

“If you get caught doing something, admit you did it,” White said. “The whole ‘Somebody put something in my system that I didn’t know about?’ I mean, who here lets someone put s–t inside them that you don’t know what it is? If you go to the doctor and he gives you a pill, ‘Doc, what am I taking this for?'”

“I don’t buy that s–t,” White said. “Own up to what you did. Listen, it’s out there, it happens, and sometimes everybody makes mistakes.”

“I don’t buy it,” White said. “Anybody that’s ever said that they didn’t know what’s being put in their body is full of s–t.”

— Photos of the face-offs from the press conference below via Dana’s Twitter.