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Dana White really stirred up the hornet’s nest yesterday when he challenged the hacker community to target the UFC’s website again.

The same group that hacked the UFC’s website last weekend decided to target Dana White personally and release what appeared to be Dana White’s personal information, however the info has not been confirmed as legit.

The bigger story however is Dana also got the attention of the infamous hacking group Anonymous. They confronted him on Twitter after hearing his remarks and in true Dana fashion, he didn’t back down.

Not surprisingly, Anonymous responded by launching an attack on the UFC’s websites. In what they called “round one,” Anonymous “defaced” UFC.com and UFC.tv last night while most of us were sleeping.

This morning, S3rver.exe, the hacker who not long ago breached Sony Pictures and who’s currently helping out Anonymous hackers, along with others, breached UFC.com and UFC.tv, defacing some of their webpages.

“I hacked those 2 sites this morning. One of them has 60+ vulnerabilities and ufc.tv has XSS, BlindSQL Injection and other vulnerabilities,” the hacker said.

When asked about the reasons for hacking UFC, S3rver.exe said that the operation took place after Zuffa’s president called them terrorists and unlike the first attack, this time he claims that they also managed to obtain data from their servers.

Anonymous later posted a video of the attack (seen below) which included the following message.

[email protected] by S3rver.exe. We are anoymous. We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Dana White, you should have expected us. #OpUFC Stage 1 complete.

It remains to be seen if there will be a stage two and what it will entail.

The people I really feel for in this situation is the team that runs UFC.com and UFC.tv. I can only imagine they’re in their offices muttering “Dana, STFU!” under their breath and I don’t blame them. Those of you that have been following us for awhile may remember how we were hacked a couple years back. Let me tell you, dealing with that was an absolute f-ing nightmare. I definitely have sympathy for anyone who has ever had to deal with a hacked website. It’s no fun.