So it turns out not all of Dana White’s personal information (if any) that hackers released the other day was legit. His phone number definitely wasn’t at least. Unfortunately for one Las Vegas resident however it was a working phone number, and not surprisingly people have been calling it non-stop looking for Dana.

Local FOX affiliate FOX 5 picked up on the story and aired the report seen above. The lady’s name is Julie Breeler and she is understandably pissed as people have been trying to get in touch with Dana wanting everything from tickets to a job.

The funny part is how the number and address of her residence are connected to the name “Dana White.” A previous owner used the pseudonym “Dana White” for junk mail based on his white cat whose name was “Dana.”

On a more serious note, Fighters Only Magazine is reporting that S3rver.exe, the hacker who answered Dana White’s challenge yesterday, claims he was able to obtain customer data from the UFC’s website and plans to release it on PirateBay if Dana continues to taunt the hackers. However, I was unable to find where he specifically stated that he obtained sensitive information such as credit card numbers as the report claims.

Also, Mayhem Miller’s official website was hacked by Anonymous yesterday for some odd reason. Mayhem hasn’t spoken out on the story that I’m aware of, so I’m not sure why he was targeted.