FOX 5 has an update on the hacker story that eventually led to an innocent Las Vegas woman being harassed by people thinking they were contacting Dana White.

According to the report, Dana isn’t going to back down from the hackers but he did at least stop by Julie Wheeler’s residence to offer a personal apology for all the trouble.

“I get my gun before answering the door,” Breeler told FOX5 Monday. “I crack the door and say ‘Yes?’ He says ‘Julie Breeler?’ and I’m like ‘Yes.’ He says ‘Hi, I’m Dana White!'”

“[I] went over and apologized for all the trouble caused by the online terrorists,” White told FOX5’s Claudine Grant.

Breeler said she and White had a “pleasant little chat” at her home and she was looking forward to putting the case of mistaken identity behind her.

In another interesting update to this story, it turns out the second hacker who “defaced” and is only 13-years old. In an interview with, the hacker who goes by the name S3rver.exe said he’s “probably the youngest good hacker at the moment” and hopes his hacking skills will one day lead to a good job as an “Ethical Hacker” in a big company. One thing’s for sure. That company won’t be the UFC.