“The way I see it, I am not the champion anymore on Saturday night. I have not fought since April, against my will, but I understand the champion must fight. You have to put the belt on the line in order to call yourself champion, the best in the world. Right now I am not the best in the world, I am injured. The winner of this fight on Saturday will be more than just the new No.1 contender, but he won’t be the new champion either. The winner of this fight will have to beat me to become the true world champion and I will have to beat the winner of this fight in order to call myself the best in the world again.”

— Georges St. Pierre, via UFC.com, proclaiming he’s not the best in the world until he successfully defends his title again

GSP makes no bones about it. He wants Nick Diaz to win Saturday night because he wants to fight him. He doesn’t “truly hate” Nick Diaz as a person, but he “hates” what Nick “brings to the sport with the disrespect and the unprofessional things he says and does.” GSP even said that during UFC 137 fight week he felt like he had to be ready to fight at all times in case he ran into Diaz.

During UFC 137 (week) I felt like I had to walk around Las Vegas with my fists ready (to punch Diaz) because every time I came across him he wanted to fight there and then. Every time the elevator opened (in the hotel) I needed to be ready to fight in case he stepped in. I was on edge all week. This guy is crazy.

While these may be some of the more pointed statements GSP has made recently, Nick Diaz has actually backed off of GSP a little since his “I don’t think Georges is hurt, I think he’s scared” post-fight comments at UFC 137. On the Hammerfisting MMA Podcast, Nick came around and basically said, yeah, GSP is legitimately injured. Transcription via Bleacher Report:

“I don’t think so. I think he’s hurt,” Diaz responded, when asked if he believed St-Pierre was using his injury as an excuse to duck fights. “I think he might’ve hurt himself. He shouldn’t have done that. If it hurts, don’t do it.”

“I had to go through a lot of fights like that. You know, there were things I couldn’t do, and I couldn’t come in at 100 percent. So basically, heal and worry about your weight cause that’s all you’re gonna be able to do is make the weight and go out there and fight. Sometimes you win some, sometimes you lose some, sometimes you can’t be at 100 percent.”

St. Pierre adds that he’s targeting July to resume proper training. If that’s the case, we’re probably looking at him fighting in September-October at the earliest depending on how long of a training camp he needs.

Image via Dave Mandel for Sherdog

Update: The latest from GSP…

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