“I think [Rashad Evans’] top control looked a little tighter. I think his guard passes looked pretty decent. With that being said, Phil, man, I don’t know what got into him. He did not look like a lion. I think with fighters, no matter how tough you are, there’s just lions and there’s wolves and there’s sheep. He just kind of looked like a sheep out there. He didn’t come with much… I think he got a little intimidated by Rashad. And the pressure of being on FOX, how many millions of people were watching the fight, I just don’t think he handled the situation well. That’s why, when I was broadcasting, I said this is where we’ll see where Phil’s at, if he’s going to be a top-level guy or a mid-tier fighter. Judging by the performance [Saturday] night, I don’t know if I can consider himself a wolf… I think that’s going to be the biggest difference in the fight, is my youth, my ambition, my drive, my creativity. Rashad’s been fighting for, I don’t know, maybe eight years. Many of the years, he trained with the coaches that are coaching me to beat him. I definitely didn’t see any progressions. I feel like he’s coming down the other side of the hill. Even his body looked softer.”

— Jon Jones, via MMA Fighting, weighing in on Rashad Evans vs. Phil Davis and his upcoming fight with Rashad Evans

Not too many people were impressed with Rashad Evans’ performance against Phil Davis, at least not to the point where they saw Evans being a real threat to Jon Jones. Clearly, Jon Jones wasn’t impressed and neither were oddsmakers. Evans was always going to be the underdog, but one sportsbook has him all the way at +400 to Jones’ -600. In UFC betting, that’s a huge gap. I honestly feel like the line should be a little bit closer given Evans’ insider knowledge of Jones’ game, but it’s still difficult to see how Evans beats Jones when they step in the Octagon at UFC 145.