Rundown of UFC 143 pre-fight news and notes…

— If Nick Diaz needs to hate his opponent to fight them, he’s certainly not showing it for his big fight against Carlos Condit this weekend. As you can see from the photo above, Nick actually shook Condit’s hand instead of butting heads or flipping him off (though that could easily happen at tomorrow’s weigh-ins). Not only that, Nick actually went to bat for Condit during the press conference when he was asked if he thinks all the talk about him and Georges St. Pierre is fair to Condit.

“Yeah, I think it makes me sick,” he said. “This is Carlos’ time to be here, and to be a part of this main event. This is … half of the show is built up around me fighting Georges St-Pierre. But that’s not [right]. I’m fighting Carlos Condit. So, I don’t like it.”

Nick later followed it up with a quote that embodies what he thinks about GSP and Carlos Condit as fighters.

“You’re more in danger of losing a decision to Georges St-Pierre. I think you’re more in danger of losing your teeth if you’re fighting Condit here.”

Nick Diaz telling it like it is…

— You may want to exercise a little patience if you’re hoping to see Jon Jones fight at heavyweight because it’s not going to happen anytime soon. At the pre-fight press conference today, Dana White said Jones will fight at heavyweight eventually, but it won’t happen anytime soon.

“It’s going to happen eventually, but I don’t think it’ll be happening this year,” White said.

“There are still guys there to fight him,” White said. “He’s still young … so I’m not interested in him fighting at heavyweight this year.”

There’s really no reason to rush Jones’ progression to the heavyweight division. He still has challenges left in Rashad Evans and Dan Henderson to take of and it’s always possible that other contenders will rise while he’s fighting them. I’d like to see how Jones does at heavyweight, but I’m more in favor of that move happening naturally.

— Speaking of the light heavyweight title triangle, Dan Henderson plans to wait to fight the winner of Jones vs. Evans, according to Dana White.

“Dan Henderson’s in a position right now where it looks like he wants to wait for Jon Jones. We’ll see what happens with this Rashad fight.”

That’s probably the smart move. It would tough to recover from a loss and climb back up the ladder at Hendo’s age.

— Dana White doesn’t think Alistair Overeem’s most recent trouble with the law will affect his upcoming title shot against Junior dos Santos. Dana also offered some details about what transpired the night he allegedly shoved a woman.

“I don’t think he’s in that much trouble,” White said. “This isn’t a situation where he beat somebody up; I don’t think that’s the case.”

“He had to use the restroom – this is my knowledge of what happened – (and) security was going to take him,” White said. “He said, ‘I don’t need security,’ and sure enough he goes over there, and his side of the story is some lady started yelling at him and swinging at him and everything else.”

Dana White has no patience for you if you were critical of how the fights went at UFC on FOX 2.

“There was so much hype for (Chael) Sonnen vs. (Michael) Bisping and the (Demian) Maia fight,” he told ( “Even after it changed, people were like, ‘It’s even more exciting now.’ And then after, everybody’s like, ‘Aww, they set themselves up for these boring fights.’ Shut up. People who come out after and say, ‘Oh, we knew (this was going to happen),’ you’re a liar. You’re a liar, you’re an idiot, and you sound like an idiot when you say that. These fights all looked exciting. You just never know what’s going to happen. Anything can happen on any given night.”

“You could have three fights go to decisions, or you could have three fights that you think are going to go longer and it lasts 60 seconds,” he said. “It’s fighting. The hardest part of the whole thing is figuring out production. How many fights can you schedule with the commercial load that you’ve got and all the other things that you have to do? We did a pretty good job of getting this thing dialed in after that first fight going 60 seconds.”

“Would I have turned off the show the other night and said that sucked? No, it didn’t suck. The Bisping-Chael Sonnen fight was awesome.”

— Hackers may have stopped hacking the UFC’s websites, but as far as Dana is concerned, the war is “still on.” Oy vey.

— Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen II hasn’t been signed yet, but Dana still “guarantees” it’s going to happen. Silva is apparently flying in to Las Vegas this weekend presumably to put pen to paper.

— Apparently there are rumors floating around of Gilbert Melendez and BJ Penn fighting. Well, wherever they came from, they’re not true. according to Dana. He promises Melendez will still get a big fight though.

This is pretty cool. Harley-Davidson is giving a new motorcycle to the Diaz-Condit winner.

— And last but not least, Nick Diaz only missed three flights this week to get to Vegas!

Image via the UFC