“I don’t think the judges like Nick. He comes off, he talks in the ring… Carlos was running at one point, and Nick slapped him in the face said, ‘Quit running.’ We were there for a dogfight. Carlos said he’d provide for the fans a dogfight, a great fight where they were going to go at it. That was not a dogfight. It takes two to make a dogfight. One guy running away is not a dogfight… I don’t know what the judges were looking at. They’ve never liked Nick in Vegas. They’ve never voted for him in a decision. The only one was the BJ Penn fight, and he almost had to kill BJ to get that one. I don’t think they like his attitude, a guy that’s going to go out there and talk. I think they think he’s disrespectful. They’re going to find a reason to judge against him. I don’t think he can get fair judging in that state at all.”

— Cesar Gracie on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani claiming judges are biased against Nick Diaz in Nevada

First and foremost, let me say that Diaz did not get robbed. This wasn’t Shogun-Machida I. It was a close fight and I think you could make an argument for either fighter. That said, there is certainly incompetent judging in MMA. It happens all the time. But biased judging? I don’t know. I’ve never seen any evidence of that, but I’ve never been in a position to either. It wouldn’t surprise me, but to suggest Nick can’t win a decision in Vegas because the judges don’t like him without providing any evidence to support such a theory is kind of like throwing around baseless steroid and greasing accusations. They’re pointless without proof.

Moving on, Gracie also took aim at Greg Jackson and their fight strategies during the interview.

“It’s one thing to avoid standing in the pocket, it’s one thing to know how to dodge punches and kicks, and be somewhat elusive and have great defense,” he said. “It’s another thing to turn your back and run from a fighter. That’s completely different. You shouldn’t be telling your fighter to fight like that. I think it’s a disgrace and a shame. I’ve said this before: I don’t like that camp. I’m not going to take that back.”

Greg Jackson joined the show right after Gracie hung up. He didn’t specifically respond to Gracie’s comments, but he did defend the game plan they employed to beat Nick Diaz.

“It’s not like we reinvented the wheel here with this game plan,” Jackson said. “A stick-and-move game plan against a guy that’s such an amazing fighter and such a tough guy as Diaz, for me is a no-brainer. If you look at the numbers, we hit him many more times than he hit us.”

“The criticism I guess I heard this morning was that Carlos was running,” Jackson said. “He was running back to the middle of the Octagon and hitting him. You can’t really say he’s running, because he hit him more times. So that argument doesn’t make a lot of sense.”

“He’s amazing when he gets you up against the fence,” Jackson said of Diaz. “He’s amazing when he starts rolling on those combinations. So we left the party when that happened and then we started the party again and were able to land a lot more shots than he was. It’s pretty cut and dry to me. …If you sit there and go toe-to-toe with him, man, he’s just so tough. His combinations flow so beautifully. He switches from the body to the head so well. There’s no reason for us to play that game.”

Jackson also made it clear that if GSP and Condit do fight next, he will not be cornering either fighter. Interestingly enough though, for Jon Jones vs. Rashad Evans, he might be changing his mind about cornering Jones. He still considers Rashad a friend, but since he’s not coming back to their camp, he feels he needs to be loyal to his team too.

Image via Esther Lin for MMA Fighting