Forget what Carlos Condit said about waiting for Georges St. Pierre. Forget about what his manager Malki Kawa said about not wanting the rematch. Forget about what Nick Diaz said about retiring. And forget about what Cesar Gracie said about Nick not fighting until next year.


Because Dana White just revealed on Twitter that the rematch is on and both fighters want it.

@justScrap85@carloscondit@malkikawa the rumor is true. Carlos did accept the fight today and Carlos is coming on Friday not thur.

@TheJRF83 nick wanted the rematch the same night

@GrossiMMA Carlos wanted it

Not to throw a bucket of cold water on a hot flame, but I should note that this doesn’t mean the fight is signed, sealed and delivered. At least not yet. As of now, both camps are denying it, but if Dana is confident enough to talk about it on Twitter, then it’s most likely going to happen.

Assuming it is on, the next question is where and when? I would hesitate to put it on FOX (not that there’s been any indication that that’s where it’s going to happen) just because of how the first one went down, but if Condit really does want the fight now, maybe that means he’s tired of all the backlash and will throw the gameplan out the window in the rematch and give us the fireworks we expected all along. That’s what I hope happens at least and if it does, FOX would be the perfect place for it.

Update: Well here’s the latest. Carlos Condit’s manager says they’re in. Cesar Gracie however says not so fast. If that’s not confusing enough (I mean it’s supposed to be the other way around, right?), try making sense of Gracie’s last four tweets. Are they in or are they out?

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Update: It’s not looking good. Cesar Gracie told MMA Weekly earlier this evening that “there is not going to be a rematch.” Something’s obviously going on, but no one is talking yet.