Those of us who have longed to see Eddie Alvarez in the UFC may finally be closer to getting our wish.

According to Fighters Only, Alvarez’s upcoming fight against Shinya Aoki is the last on his Bellator contract and negotiations for a new deal have “soured.”

Both sides have been in negotiations on a new deal for some time but a source tells Fighters Only that he and Bellator and “miles apart” on the value of a new contract.

The source says that the tone has “soured” recently and that a resolution now seems all but impossible, with the respective parties adamant that they cannot move from their stated positions.

A training partner of UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar, Alvarez has been on the UFC radar for some time.

This of course doesn’t mean Alvarez will land in the UFC, but it certainly makes it much more probable.

Assuming this news is true, his upcoming fight against Aoki will be even more critical than before. If he can avenge his loss and walk away with an impressive win his stock and interest level will be much higher. But if he loses, he would be on a two-fight skid, something the UFC typically shies away from when evaluating potential signees. I think they’d still take him just because of the excitement level he brings to fights, but it’s definitely in Eddie’s best interest to beat Aoki.

Either way, I truly hope 2012 is the year Eddie Alvarez finally makes it to the big show. It’s time.