Dana White’s post-fight interview with FUEL TV’s Ariel Helwani along with a rundown of UFC on FUEL 1 post-fight news and notes…

6,283 fans attended UFC on FUEL 1 at the Omaha Civic Auditorium for a $405,895 live gate.

— Stipe Miocic picked up an extra $50,000 for knocking out Phillip De Fries in a mere 43 seconds. Ivan Menjivar was awarded the Submission of the Night bonus for coming back and choking out John Albert in the first round. Headliners Jake Ellenberger and Diego Sanchez earned “Fight of the Night” for their thrilling three round battle.

— Were you expecting a fourth and fifth round to last night’s Sanchez vs. Ellenberger main event? If so, you weren’t the only one. Following last year’s announcement that all main events would be five rounds going forward, many expected Diego Sanchez to get two additional rounds to continue his comeback against Jake Ellenberger last night, but it didn’t happen. Instead, the fight ended at the conclusion of the third round allowing Ellenberger to win the fight two rounds to one. It turns out the UFC decided not to do five-round non-title fight main events for the FX and FUEL cards, but that’s going to change says Dana White.

“We blew it it should have been a five round fight. As I was sitting here again tonight I’m looking at the fight going yeah, this should have been five rounds. I think that when Diego and Ellenberger went back in for that fourth round the place would have gone crazy, people were ready for it at home. I’m not gonna throw anyone under the bus … but we blew it. We should have done it. They will be five round fights from now on. Everyone’s asking if it’s because of FUEL, FUEL would let us do 33 round fights if we wanted to. Yeah, they’ll be five rounds from here on out. Other than contracts that have already been signed.”

To clarify, that means UFC on FX 2’s Thiago Alves vs. Martin Kampmann, UFC on FUEL 2’s Antonio Rogerio Nogueira vs. Alexander Gustafsson and I believe UFC on FUEL 3’s Dustin Poirier vs. Chan Sung Jung will be three-rounders but all other FX and FUEL main events will be five-rounds moving forward.

— Ellenberger’s win over Sanchez was impressive, but it probably wasn’t enough to put him in the title picture with Carlos Condit. Following last night’s fight, Dana White thinks Condit should wait for GSP in lieu of fighting Ellenberger again.

“If you’re Carlos Condit, (and) you just fought Ellenberger not too long ago, I’d wait for GSP,” White told MMAjunkie.com (www.mmajunkie.com) following UFC on FUEL TV 1.

“We’ll see what happens over the next few months, here,” White said after Wednesday’s event. “Had Diego won, it probably would have been a little bit more interesting.”

It’s probably not what Ellenberger hoped to hear, but he seems to be cool with Dana’s line of thinking. He just wants to stay active.

“The rematch with Condit, I would love to do that, but my job is to be prepared every time I get in there,” Ellenberger said.

“I’d like to stay active,” he said. “Maybe late spring, early summer. I don’t choose who I fight, so it’s up to Dana and the UFC, and I’m always ready.”

— Unfortunately for Sanchez, he finds himself in the L column once again after pulling off consecutive victories over Martin Kampmann and Paulo Thiago. He’s not sure what he’s going to do next, but returning to lightweight could be a possibility.

“There’s always a chance of me going back to 155. I have one loss at that weight class,” Sanchez said after his loss to Ellenberger on Wednesday night. “I’m wish-washy whether I’m going to stay at 70 or 55 because it’s real hard for me to stay at 70. I have to be able to lift weights a lot, like I really have to be able to lift weights a lot.

“I’m stuck in between both of the weight classes. It has its ups and downs. At 70 and 55, I have to cut more weight at 55, at 70 I have to lift more weights.”

Either way, as long as Sanchez continues to fight his heart out like last night, he always have a place in the UFC.

Ronny Markes broke his hand against Aaron Simpson last night and will have surgery.

As we noted earlier this week, Tim Sylvia is actively campaigning to get back in the UFC. The fan response has been surprisingly good, but it hasn’t convinced Dana White to give Sylvia another shot.

“I have no beef with Tim Sylvia whatsoever, I have nothing against the guy, but I say it all the time, that was when the division was the weakest, when he was champion. And for him to make a statement like he could come back and beat 80-percent of the fighters in the UFC? I don’t know what Tim Sylvia’s been doing. The last time I saw him, he got knocked out by a 50-year-old boxer in like 10 seconds. Who’d he beat? They guy’s just out there trying to get back into the UFC, trying to make a living, I get it, but he fought in the UFC when the UFC heavyweight division was its weakest. Him and Arlovski were knocking each other out every weekend.”

Poor Tim.

— Dan Henderson is still in a holding pattern. Dana White isn’t quite sure what to do with him.

“He doesn’t want to fight Machida,” White said of Henderson. “He doesn’t want to wait (either). He’s going to have to wait. Who does he want to fight? I mean, I don’t know what to do with Dan.

“Dan’s either going to have to wait for Jones and Evans or wait for Silva – or fight somebody else. It’s pretty simple.”

Dana also said that Tito Ortiz vs. Forrest Griffin III which Lorenzo Fertitta confirmed is also on hold.

— And last but certainly not least, here’s a screen cap of Diego Sanchez’s vampire hunter walkout last night. Sanchez has always had the most intense ring entrances, but he took it a whole (strange) new level last night. Definitely check out some of the memes fans have already created with it. My favorite is the Exorcist one. Hilarious.

Screen cap via The UG