“For this fight I am bringing in UFC Bantamweight Champion Dominick Cruz to lend us a hand. He’s a bit quicker and faster than I am. He can emulate Frankie and help me deal with the speed and footwork Edgar possesses… The first thing I took away is that he does make mistakes and can be hurt. He got hurt very badly in both fights in the first round. He does leave openings and make mistakes. He has holes and there are opportunities where you can go after him and throw him off of his game. You also have to take away the fact that he has a huge heart, a very good chin, and a never say die attitude. That’s not something that should ever be discounted… This fight is going to be good. It’ll be like two cats trapped inside of a bag. He’s a pretty aggressive fighter who moves a lot, but he remains very active and goes after it. He’s not a guy who will get on the bike and not engage. He moves around a lot, but comes to fight each and every time. We both have aggressive natures so you can expect us to get after it and put on a great fight.”

— Ben Henderson talking to Five Oz. about his upcoming title fight against Frankie Edgar at UFC 144

There definitely won’t be a lack of action when Frankie Edgar and Ben Henderson step into the Octagon this weekend. Both guys fight at a feverish pace and have plenty of experience doing it for five straight rounds. I’m leaning towards Edgar because he’s a bit more technical than Bendo, however there probably isn’t a more ideal training partner to emulate Edgar’s unique style and footwork than Dominick Cruz. Perhaps Henderson has a few tricks up his sleeve. Either way though, it should be a fun to watch Saturday night.

Image via Jeff Sherwood for Sherdog