No surprise, but the NSAC issued Nick Diaz a temporary suspension today for testing positive for marijuana following his interim welterweight title fight against Carlos Condit at UFC 143.

Diaz will be under the temporary suspension until he appears in front of the commission at a formal hearing which has yet to be scheduled. Diaz will have the opportunity to present his case at that time, which the commission fully expects will include a request for a retroactive medical marijuana exemption. It also sounds like the commission will have some arguments of their own against that should Diaz’s attorney bring it up.

“I also have some information, as far as from a legal research perspective, to bring on that,” NSAC commissioner Pat Lundvall said of the possible issue.

It’s unknown what length of suspension Diaz will get, but Keith Kizer noted that previous repeats offenders were given 12-month suspensions.

Whatever happens, Diaz’s close friend and training partner Jake Shields believes Nick will be back. He told that he thinks Nick is “burned out” and needs some time away from MMA to recapture his “love” for fighting.

Image via Esther Lin for MMA Fighting