A war of words is brewing between Melvin Guillard and Joe Lauzon… after their fight.

It usually happens the other way around, but not this time. Guillard inadvertently started it when he told reporters he beat himself after Lauzon choked him out in 47 seconds at UFC 136. We hear that a lot from fighters, but in this instance, the person who won said wait a second, I’m pretty sure I’m the reason you lost that fight.

“I keep seeing all these interviews where (Guillard) is like, ‘Oh, Joe didn’t beat me. I beat myself,'” Lauzon testily said. “No, I smacked you in the face with my fist, and you went down and I choked you. I’m pretty sure I’m taking credit for that.”

Not exactly an untrue statement, but it set Guillard off anyways. Guillard went off on a rather lengthy tirade about Lauzon’s comments and respecting his fellow fighters. Ultimately, what it boiled down though is that Guillard wants a rematch.

“The new me, I’m trying to be respectful and handle it the right way, but at this point right now I’m kind of fed up with it. The old me is about to come out on Joe Lauzon. He’s about to take Rich Clementi’s place of being that guy that I just don’t like,” Guillard said.

“Right now, I’m looking to watch the fights in Japan and I’m praying that he loses to (Anthony) Pettis because I want a rematch against Joe Lauzon. I don’t want to fight nobody next but Joe Lauzon,” Guillard said.

“I don’t even care how it goes, I just want to see Pettis win and I want an immediate rematch with Joe Lauzon. Hopefully, I can get that rematch by fourth of July in Vegas.”

I’m not sure a rematch is really warranted even if Lauzon loses this weekend, but hey if Guillard thinks it was just a fluke and these guys have beef, then why not? I’m sure Joe wouldn’t mind proving it wasn’t as long as he doesn’t leave Japan with a title shot.

Image via Esther Lin for MMA Fighting