Shogun Rua has made some significant changes in his camp since narrowly losing to Dan Henderson in their epic fight of the millenium last year at UFC 139.

He recently split with his longtime manager Eduardo Alonso, who seemed to be one of the nicest guys on planet Earth, and signed with management firm Seven Entretenimento because he feels more comfortable having a “whole company” taking care of his schedule, contracts, endorsements, etc. than one person.

Now that Shogun has the business end of his career shored up again, it’s time to look forward to his next fight. He’s not sure who his next opponent will be, but in an interview with Tatame, Shogun said he does believe the rematch Rampage Jackson has wanted since he smashed him back in PRIDE is “inevitable.”

What’s next? They’ve talked about Phil Davis and Rampage Jackson…

I guess it could be one of these guys. I don’t discard Ryan Bader nor Rampage, Dan Henderson, Rich Franklin… I guess there are many guys I could fight. Actually, soon I’ll know more about it and I’ll keep you posted. I’m sure I’ll train focused on my opponent and he’s going to be a hard one.

So, talking about the old days…. Would you like to rematch Rampage?

Absolutely. The fight against Rampage will happen eventually. It’s inevitable and UFC knows it. He won’t retire before fighting me and neither am I (laughs).

There’s plenty of guys like he mentioned that Shogun could fight next, but a rematch would sorta make sense right now since they’re both coming off losses (although Shogun looked a whole better losing to Dan Henderson than Rampage looked losing to Ryan Bader). One obstacle however could be Rampage’s knee injury, which we don’t know the extent of. It is one of those rematches that needs to happen eventually though. I would just prefer to see it when Rampage is healthy, especially since he blamed the first loss on injuries and terrible training partners.

It’s also worth noting that Shogun was very nice and gave Rampage the benefit of the doubt when he was asked about Rampage’s performance against Ryan Bader.

It’s hard to tell because we don’t know what happens to each and every fighter. I don’t know if he got injured, if he was not feeling ok… It’s hard to know, but Rampage is very professional and deserves to be respected.

Dan Henderson, not so much.

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Don’t worry, Rampage zinged him back pretty good.

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