A few observations from Strikeforce: “Tate vs. Rousey”:

-I don’t know what’s more depressing: the fact that Bristol Marunde was inadequate as an opponent for Ronaldo Souza, or the fact that a win over Marunde puts Souza on track for a shot at the belt.

-No, wait, I know. It’s the fact that Strikeforce’s middleweight division sucks.

-Sure, Lumumba Sayers looked good, but how hard is it to dominate someone who apparently stopped giving a shit about fighting over a year ago?

-Scott Smith’s last win was a come-from-behind thriller against Cung Le back in 2009. Please, no more.

-Kazuo Misaki was better at being Paul Daley than Paul Daley was. Hooray for dangerous Japanese strikers!

-He may have been down on his own performance, but Josh Thomson at the very least proved that there’s still someone in Strikeforce who can legitimately challenge champ Gilbert Melendez.

-Give credit to Miesha Tate, who managed to last far longer against Ronda Rousey than anyone else the judoka has faced.

-Give Rousey your arm if she wants it. She’s getting it whether you resist or not!