Here’s some advice. If Ronda Rousey ever puts you in an armbar, tap and tap immediately.

Miesha Tate learned that lesson the hard way tonight in her bantamweight title defense against Rousey at Strikeforce “Tate vs. Rousey.” Tate actually escaped a nasty looking armbar early in the first round, but wasn’t so fortunate later in the round when Rousey snagged another one and torqued it to the point Tate’s elbow bent the complete opposite direction. As you can see from the gif’s below it was pretty painful to watch, let alone be trapped in.

So moral of the story: Tap. Rousey’s striking may have a ways to go, but the girl knows how to put you on your back and rip your arm off. She’s had five professional fights and three amateur fights. She’s won every single last one of them via ambar in the first round. Crazy.

Gif’s via IronForgesIron. Image via Dave Farra’s Twitter.

Update: Ok, this doesn’t even seem possible after seeing the replays, but Miesha Tate says he arm was not broken.

“I had X-Rays last night,” Tate told via text message. “No bones are broken, which I already knew. Other than that, I have to get an MRI to find out anything further.”

I’m no doctor, but that definitely bent in a very unnatural way. Perhaps, her elbow joint was only dislocated?