Josh Barnett is finally licensed to fight in California again following his positive steroid test that derailed his highly-anticipated fight against Fedor Emelianenko at Affliction “Trilogy” several years back.

Barnett appeared before the CSAC today to argue why commissioners should allow him to fight. It wasn’t smooth sailing for Barnett, but ultimately the commission voted 4-2 to grant Barnett a conditional license provided he pass random urine tests prior to competing in the state.

While certain members of the commission certainly wanted him to, Barnett would not admit that he knowingly took steroids when he tested positive. He also didn’t offer any kind of explanation for the failed test.

“I didn’t knowingly or intentionally ingest steroids,” [Barnett] said in his most forceful statement. “I did not take steroids.”

“He does not contest or question the result, nor can he explain it,” [Barnett’s attorney] said.

Despite his lack of admission and the commission’s problem with it, the majority felt that Barnett had proven enough since by passing several drug tests in other states and voted to give him another chance, though not without a plea to not let them down.

“Please don’t let us down,” Frierson said. “The reason, we need fights here in California. We need good fights and we need good people.”

The news now paves the way for the May 19 Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix finals to take place in San Jose as rumored.

Image via Sherdog