So hell is apparently freezing over tonight.

According to a press release FUEL TV sent out today, the same Chael Sonnen who has been verbally assaulting UFC Anderson Silva for years now is going to apologize to him on tonight’s episode of UFC Tonight. The release didn’t offer any kind of explanation or context, only the following quote:

Quote of the Week: Chael Sonnen apologizes to Anderson Silva: “Anderson, over the last several months, I’ve disparaged your name in attempt to garner respect and attention for my own. That was wrong and I apologize. My actions were unsportsmanlike, they were uncalled for.”

So let me get this straight. Months before his big rematch Sonnen is all of sudden feeling regretful and remorseful for all the things he’s said about Silva? That doesn’t seem right.

What’s Sonnen up to here? Is this really a genuine apology? Or did FUEL TV conveniently leave out the part at the end where Sonnen yells “PSYCH!!!”? I don’t know, but I suppose we’ll find out tonight. The show airs at 10pm ET on FUEL TV.

Image via Esther Lin for MMA Fighting

Update: Our questions have been answered, but I won’t spoil it for you. Watch the clip here.