MMA Fighting’s Ariel Helwani caught up with Dana White following today’s UFC on FOX 3 press conference to talk to him about a lot of hot topics around the sport including the UFC lightweight title picture, Rampage Jackson’s Twitter comments, his situation with Showtime and more. Here’s a few notes from the interview.

— At the time of the interview, Dana White pretty much said that he wasn’t sure what exactly was going on with the UFC lightweight picture yet because he hadn’t spoken to the people he needed to yet. However, he must have talked to them after the interview because Dana has since confirmed that Frankie Edgar will get his rematch against Ben Henderson this summer.

— Dana says the disparaging comments he made about Showtime in the MMA Junkie story were never meant to be made public. He’s clearly not happy with the story’s writer and offered a public apology to Showtime for those comments making print. Dana says he has no ill will or problem with anyone at Showtime and would never say anything publicly to embarrass them. They merely have “creative differences.”

— Dana White thinks Ronda Rousey is going to be a “big star” and there some big one-off fights every now and then like Tate-Rousey, but it doesn’t change the fact that there aren’t enough good women to create a whole division with.

— Neo-Nazi tattooed/sex offender Brandon Saling who slipped under everyone’s radar at last weekend’s Strikeforce show will never fight for Zuffa again. He also may never compete as a licensed fighter in the US, at least not for the time being, since he falsified information on his applications with the Ohio and New Jersey athletic commissions. Both commissions have revoked his licenses.

— Dana is aware of Rampage Jackson’s tweets about fighting elsewhere after his next UFC fight. Dana confirmed he talked to Rampage before he sent those tweets yesterday, but didn’t say what was discussed exactly. All he would say is he thinks Rampage is just taking this latest loss to Ryan Bader hard like he takes most of his losses. Dana clarified that he has no beef with Rampage.

— Dana says Rampage denied that he ever said a “UFC doctor” told him to take testosterone and basically blamed the whole thing on the reporter who did the interview. Dana said that particular reporter has tried to put words in his mouth before and that’s what he believes happened with Rampage.

— Dana White says Dakota Cochrane was 100% upfront with the UFC and FX about his past history with gay pornography and they’re “cool with it.”

— Not from the interview per se, but Dana said today that a rumored summertime event in Calgary is “not done but it’s going to happen.”

— Also not from the interview, but it’s worth noting that the UFC has officially confirmed Junior dos Santos vs. Alistair Overeem for UFC 146 on May 26 in Las Vegas.

— Again, not from the interview, but Dana White responded to Tim Sylvia’s latest pleas to return to the UFC today. Dana’s answer: “Hell no. Hell No.” Wow.