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Rampage Jackson was back at it again on Twitter yesterday tweeting about how he wants out of the UFC. He didn’t specifically state what happened between him and the UFC that set him off, but he did give some more clues about what it’s about. It all started off just fine as you can see above, but once fans start asking questions, Rampage didn’t hesitate to give answers. I don’t mean to be overly speculative here and you can judge for yourself below, but key words like “lack of respect”, “lost my appeal” and a curious retweet really make it sound like the UFC either wants Rampage to take a pay cut or perhaps not exercise an option in his contract that would result in more money for him. I’m not sure, but clearly Rampage suddenly has different ideas about what he’s worth than the UFC does following his loss to Ryan Bader.

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He retweeted this one:

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