Anthony Johnson has found a new home following his release from the UFC after missing weight and losing to Vitor Belfort in his middleweight debut at UFC 142.

Johnson revealed on The MMA Hour today that he has signed with Titan Fighting Championship and has his first fight scheduled for May 25 in Kansas City. He’s obviously disappointed that he’s no longer with the UFC, but seems to be taking the setback in stride.

“I’m going to fight a few times and eventually come back,” he said. “There’s a time for everything and right now just isn’t my time to be with the UFC. But when my time comes again, if that’s what UFC wants, you know I’m there.”

“As far as if it was fair, life isn’t fair sometimes,” he said. “You’ve got to roll with the punches. Either you can sit on your ass and cry about it or get up and do something. And I’m not going to just sit around boo-hooing and not do anything.”

Johnson was 11 pounds off his mark when he weighed in for UFC 142, but says he was actually only 1.5 pounds away from 186 when his legs “stopped working” and doctors determined that it was too dangerous for him to continue his cut. Despite failing to make 185 in his first attempt, Johnson still plans on making the middleweight division his new home. He’s completely done with the welterweight division and is currently walking around now between 210-215.

It’s unclear who Johnson will face on May 25. A few fighters accepted the fight said Johnson but then backed out for unknown reasons. Nevertheless, Johnson believes there are plenty of quality middleweights for him to fight outside the UFC. If he can beat those fighters and just as importantly make weight for those bouts, chances are the UFC will let him back in sooner or later.

Image via MMA Junkie