Rampage Jackson spent about an hour on Twitter earlier today and like last Friday, the more he tweets, the more we learn about his latest beef with the UFC.

Rampage kicked it off with a more detailed explanation about why he wants out of the UFC. I cleaned his tweets up a little to make it more readable.

Let me clear things up for my fans. It might take two tweets! I’m upset because I’ve been fighting hurt for a few years now cause I have kids and for ya’ll. The UFC knew I was hurt and almost every fight I was hurt, but instead of saying thanks for not pulling out, they talk shit about a poor job I did. I never missed weight, but when I do nobody stopped for a second to ask if I was hurt. Ya’ll just quick to talk shit, so I’m done with them after.

Rampage added that he actually thought about leaving the UFC when Dana White wanted to put him on the UFC on FOX 2 card, but obviously the UFC ultimately caved and honored his wishes to fight in Japan. Perhaps that’s why they were hard on him (as he claims) when he missed weight and performed poorly against Ryan Bader.

And despite the fact that he complained about money in previous tweets, Rampage also said he’s not complaining about money.

I’m not complaining about money because I’m about to make a lot less money now, but at least the people I fight for will appreciate what I do for MMA.

The biggest piece of news Rampage revealed today though came in a later tweet. He claims Dana White texted him and told him he would release him after the last fight on his contract.

I have one more fight on my contract and @danawhite said n a text (that I’ve saved) hahaha that I can go after my last fight.

While I’m sure Dana White and the UFC would prefer to keep him on the roster, it’s not like Rampage is on the same level of stardom as say Anderson Silva or Georges St. Pierre. Superstars like them aren’t expendable. At this point in his career, Rampage is.

Image via CombatLifestyle.com