The animosity some fighters have with each other leading up to big fights is often beaten out of them by the time the fight is over.

That’s not the case with Miesha Tate and Ronda Rousey.

Tate appeared on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani yesterday to talk about her loss to Rousey earlier this month and basically suggested that Rousey’s really only great one at one thing and just happened to capitalize on a mistake she made. Otherwise, Tate feels she was winning and wants a rematch to prove she can still beat her.

“I, personally, would love the opportunity to have a rematch,” Tate protested. “I think at a high level, it takes one mistake. Anyone can make a mistake at any moment and someone’s able to capitalize on that.

“I don’t feel that Ronda proved anything other than what she’s already (proved) — that she has one thing that she’s great at. Really phenomenal at. But everything else, I could beat her. Give me another shot. I think it was competitive. I think for the most part I was probably winning. And I think at a competitive high level, one day one person could beat the one person, and the other day the other person would beat the other person.”

Rousey’s response: Miesha sounds dumb. Here’s here more elaborate response from an interview she did with Stephie “Crooklyn” Daniels over at BE:

“I don’t think there’s any way she could argue that she was winning that fight at all. If you just look at the striking stats, I landed 43 strikes and she landed 11. If you look at the actual damage, she was bruised up on her leg and her face, not to mention her arm. The only point in the fight where she could say she was being the least bit dominant, is the part where she had my back, but she definitely landed fewer strikes from the back, and had zero submission attempts. The one time she tried to do something, she lost her position immediately. That wasn’t a dominant position for her, that was pretty much her holding on for dear life. Every single takedown was me, I had the majority of the strikes, and I got the win. This all happened in four minutes, and if she assumes that the few seconds that she had my back, that she was the winner…well she wasn’t doing anything productive there anyway, except prolonging the inevitable.”

“It just kind of makes her sound dumb. Everyone knows that I wanted to armbar her, and there was nothing she could do to stop me, even with months of preparation. I think that proves a lot. It’s like she’s not even looking at the actual situation. I don’t know what match she was watching, to really think that. One of those pieces of advice that my mom tells me all the time is, ‘Never listen to your own press.’ The second I got out of that cage, my coach was already telling me a million things I did wrong. It just seems tome like she must be surrounded by a bunch of “yes men” all the time, saying stuff like, ‘Oh yeah, you were winning. You were totally dominating.’ If I was her, I would look at that match, look at what I did wrong, and try to fix it next time, and not be like ‘I was totally winning before I lost.'”

Despite her strong feelings on how the fight played out, Rousey says she is more than willing to give Tate another shot if that’s what she wants. There’s probably a good chance of that happening down the road given the success of the fight and the general lack of legitimate title contenders in her division, but Tate is going to have to win some fights before that should happen. It was a fun fight with a lot of back-and-forth action, but Tate didn’t do nearly enough to warrant an immediate rematch. Their little grudge that clearly hasn’t been settled is probably going to have to wait for now.

Regarding the status of Tate’s arm, she’s still waiting for the MRI results to find out the extent of the damage, but she’s “pretty sure” she has a torn ligament. No broken bones though.

Image via Esther Lin for Strikeforce/Showtime