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After going 1-2 in his last three fight, BJJ ace Demian Maia has decided to drop to welterweight. Maia announced the news on Twitter earlier today.

It seems like a good move for Maia that could revitalize his career. He has always been a smaller middleweight and this could move should put him on a more even plane with his opponents.

In other weight class jumping news, it turns out Anthony Pettis is considering a move to featherweight now that he’s been passed over for a lightweight title shot against Ben Henderson. Ariel Helwani passed on word of the possibility during last night’s episode of UFC Tonight.

“I spoke to Anthony’s manager just a few hours ago and he told me that he was really disappointed, but he respects the decision. He would consider going down to 145 to fight Aldo. This is definitely something to monitor.”

It’s unclear if Pettis would be granted an immediate title shot against Jose Aldo if he did make the move, but it certainly seems like a possibility given the relative lack of title contenders in the featherweight division.

Jose Aldo is also leaving the door open to move to lightweight depending on what happens with Frankie Edgar.

Update: Anthony Pettis just shot down the 145 rumor.

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