Antonio Rogerio Nogueira experienced a little setback recently when he was forced out of his headlining bout against Alexander Gustafsson at UFC on FUEL 2.

Unfortunately, Lil Nog suffered a knee injury in training and it will require surgery, but the good news is it’s not nearly as serious as something like an ACL tear. Nogueira explained how the injury happened and what needs to be done to correct it in an interview with Tatame.

It was a leg-lock that caught me but it’s been a while now. I was training my Grappling and Wrestling and it got worse… It’s like I’m getting my knee cleaned, they’ll take off part of my meniscus and check out my knee-cap. The doctor said it should be a silly procedure, but it’s gotta be done now otherwise it’ll get worse and I don’t wanna make it worse… The doctor said my knee should be alright within a month. I’ll be training 100 percent. God bless me, I’ll be fighting in June.

Whenever Lil Nog is ready to get back into action, he hopes it will be against fellow MMA veteran Rich Franklin as he mentioned on Twitter the other day. Nogueira explained why in the interview:

Because we had a bout scheduled against him, I was supposed to fight him in the past and I already know what game plan to use against him. He’s a guy who likes to stand-up. It’ll be good. One left-handed fighting another left-handed is something good to see.

Sounds good to me. It wouldn’t be a fight that has much relevancy to the light heavyweight title picture, but it would be a great match-up between two veterans for longtime fans of the sport.

Image via Dave Mandel for Sherdog