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July 7 will likely mark the end of Tito Ortiz’s illustrious mixed martial arts career.

Ortiz announced on Twitter earlier this evening that his next fight has been booked for UFC 148. He included Forrest Griffin’s Twitter handle in the tweet which has led some to believe Forrest will be his opponent as Lorenzo Fertitta stated awhile back, however that has yet to be confirmed.

Tito made it abundantly clear the last time he spoke to the press that his next fight would be the last of his career. Tito didn’t mention it tonight nor has he said anything to the contrary since, however it’s always possible that he could change his mind if he hasn’t already.

Tito has never been shy with the press though, so expect answers sooner than later.

Update: It’s official. Tito Ortiz vs. Forrest Griffin 3 is going down at UFC 148.