Ronda Rousey has always remained close to her Los Angeles training center when it comes to MMA.

However, after doing a little session with Nick Diaz, Rousey has decided to venture to Stockton and train with Nick and Nate Diaz next month, as she told MMA Weekly Radio during a recent appearance on the show.

Yeah, I’m going up there from the 3rd to the 16th (of April) and it’s going to be the first time ever since I started doing MMA that I’m going to be training for an actual extended period of time away from my core camp, who I’ve always been with. When I did judo I used to go around all the time, like every month or so I would go away for a week or two weeks to go train somewhere else. For some reason, it’s something I never did in MMA, so they invited me to come train up there.

Rousey, who defeated Miesha Tate earlier this month via armbar to secure the Strikeforce women’s bantamweight title, is likely headed for a match with Sarah Kaufman. Rousey’s connections with Nick and Nate Diaz, along with her recent decision to partner with Chael Sonnen, will only help promote her name and women’s MMA going forward.

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