Joseph Benavidez would rather be preparing to face either Demetrious Johnson or Ian McCall for the right to be called the first-ever UFC flyweight champion.

Instead, Benavidez will have to wait a little while longer after all the scoring troubles that came about from the Johnson-McCall match. Those will will face off on June 8, with the winner meeting Benavidez later this year barring any serious injuries.

While the wait is not something that Benavidez wants, he is going to deal with it, as he told Tom Taylor in a recent interview for Full Contact Fighter.

It’s a little disappointing that I have to wait. I don’t like the fact that I went out, I did my job like I was supposed to, these guys went out and did their job too, and one person didn’t; and now they get to fight again. They get to get paid again and get the exposure again while I’m just kind of sitting on the sideline not getting paid, not getting exposure. I guess I think the rematch kind of favors McCall, just the way the fight ended.

Benavidez feels like the flyweight division is a great addition to the UFC roster, as the smaller fighters get a chance to go all-out for three or five rounds and provide UFC fans with a spectacular show.

Exciting, non-stop aggression – really just unpredictable. If you want me, it’s always going to be something you’re going to remember.

Benavidez has a great personality and could really help push the division right alongside the featherweights and bantamweights. Expect to see plenty more from these fighters on UFC shows this year.

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