Miguel Torres had his life come crumbling down when the UFC announced he had been released due to a Tweet he sent out. However, after some discussion, the fight promotion decided to bring Torres back, and now he’ll face Michael McDonald at UFC 145 on April 21.

Torres is currently writing a blog in the build up to his fight with McDonald on MMA Fighting’s site. In his latest posting, Torres talked about the issues with social media.

As most of you will be aware, I said something insensitive on Twitter and duly suffered the consequences. I was initially told I would no longer be able to fight in the UFC and that my time with the world’s top mixed martial arts organization was over. As you can expect, this hurt a great deal and resulted in a huge amount of regret on my part. Looking back, what happened was a mistake, and one I desperately wish I could erase. I said something stupid, I was very insensitive, and I paid the price. Thankfully, at least I’m not aware of just how powerful my words can be and, as a result, will never approach social media in such a carefree manner again.

Torres has won three of his last four, with the lone loss coming at the hands of Demetrious Johnson. The opportunity to fight again in the UFC will help spark a new fire under Torres, who once defended the WEC bantamweight title three times.

Photo credit: Dave Mandel/Sherdog