As the second episode of ‘The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil’ opens, we learn that the 16 fighters have moved from Rio de Janeiro to Sao Paulo, where the house is located. As they settle in, it becomes clear that “Gasparzinho” frustrates the others, some of which immediately refer to him as a little kid.

The fighters head to the massive UFC training center where they meet up with Dana White. White announces that the fighters who score the best knockout and best submission of the season will each score R$45,000 as will the two who put on the best fight of the season.

White tosses a coin, with the correct call between Wanderlei and Vitor getting to choose the first fighter, or the first fight, Silva wins and he chooses to take the first draft pick. He chooses Rony Bezerra. Belfort is more than happy to be able to pick the first fight.

The teams are chosen, as noted below:

Team Wanderlei:

1. Rony Bezerra
2. Delson Heleno
3. John Teixeira
4. Francisco Drinaldo
5. Marcos Vinicius Borges Pancini
6. Renee Forte
7. Wagner Campos
8. Leonardo Mafra Teixeira

Team Vitor:

1. Cezar Ferreira
2. Hugo Viana
3. Daniel Sarafian
4. Rodrigo Damm
5. Thiago Rela
6. Godofredo de Oliveira
7. Sergio Moraes
8. Anistavio Medeiros

Both teams get together for a quick pep talk. Medeiros is frustrated at being picked last, but Vitor reassures him that he has faith. Medeiros isn’t happy and insists people are going through his gear. Hugo Viana and others are already annoyed with him, but Medeiros keeps whining about the household.

Things get weird as we see Silva is shown shaving his arms. He then runs his fighters through drills, along with Rafael Cordeiro. Cordeiro tells the team not to drink and Silva tells them this is their chance to rise from poverty. Fabricio Werdum, “Babalu”, and Andre Dida are there to help as well. Vitor’s team is shown, with Luiz Dorea teaching boxing, as well as Francisco Filho, Rodrigo Artilheiro, and Gilbert Durinho teaching as well.

We jump forward to fight announcement day, and Belfort selects Godofredo de Oliveira to take on Wagner Campos.

Next up, both fighters make weight, so all that’s left is the fight! ..but not before a message from Ford Motors, who offer whoever in the final four has the quickest victories a brand new Ford Ranger. UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo visits the teams to provide a pep talk, and it’s off to the fight.

Godofredo de Oliveira vs. Wagner Campos

In the first round, Campos stays at distance early, and pulls for a choke when his opponent shoots in, but he doesn’t get it. Oliveira is moving forward early, but he can’t make anything happen. Campos slips, and Oliveira winds up on top. Campos looks for a leg lock, but it’s not there. Going into the second, Oliveira looks to continue being the aggressor. There’s a kick to the cup, and Campos hits the mat. He gets back into it, but he finds himself on the wrong end of another low blow. Campos comes out angrily on the restart but it’s still Oliveira doing the most damage. Oliveira stays busier, and in the end, he wins a close, and uneventful fight via decision.

The coaches are interviewed, and Silva thinks there should have been a point deduction for the two low blows, and he is not happy. Belfort is not happy with his team. He advises them to keep their celebratory nature to themselves. Campos is disappointed but vows to move on. The show ends with a preview of the next episode, and things look to be heating up. Check in next week to find out what happens next.