A major bomb was dropped yesterday when the NSAC revealed that Alistair Overeem failed his surprise UFC 146 pre-fight drug test for elevated levels of testosterone.

The NSAC claimed his T:E ratio was above 10:1 but didn’t specify by how much. Well, today they released that information.

The magic number dun-dun-duh-duh: 14:1.

For those keeping score, that’s more than double the NSAC’s 6:1 threshold (California’s is 4:1, yay for consistency!) and 14x the average male’s ratio of 1:1. Interestingly though, it’s not as high as Chael Sonnen’s ratio at UFC 117 which came in at a whopping 16.9:1.

Of course, the big question now is what does this mean for Overeem’s UFC 146 title fight against Junior dos Santos? Well, it probably means the fight is off, but that’s not a foregone conclusion just yet.

First of all, the NSAC can’t actually punish Overeem because he doesn’t have a license (just like the Josh Barnett Affliction fiasco). However, the positive test is grounds for denial, so unless the B-sample is tested and comes back normal, then it’s doubtful the NSAC will issue him a license for UFC 146. Here’s Keith Kizer explaining the situation to MMA Fighting.

“Like with any drug test, if the B-sample comes back negative, then that trumps the A-sample, and he’d be eligible for licensure immediately,” he said. “But if it comes back positive, or if he doesn’t ask for it to be tested, that’s something that can be used for grounds for denial. But that will be up to the commissioners.”

In order for the B-sample to be tested though, Overeem has to challenge the result and according to Kizer, no one from Overeem’s camp has even contacted them thus far. In fact, no one from Overeem’s camp has said a word to anyone publicly yet, so there’s no telling what their plans are at this point.

The other issue is timing. If Overeem decides to challenge it, it would likely take 1-2 weeks to get the result and then who knows how long to figure out if they’ll license him after that. The fight is roughly seven weeks away so the UFC has a little bit of time to see how it plays out, but the longer this thing drags on the less amount of time the UFC has to promote a new main event, so they’re going to be itching to resolve this sooner than later. And by the way, rumor has it that Frank Mir is the front runner to replace Overeem. There’s also been a Twitter rally for Mark Hunt to take his spot, but that’s very doubtful.

Overeem has definitely put the UFC between a rock and a hard place. Don’t feel too bad for Dana White though. Dude got to blow off all his steam last night with none other than super hot actress Olivia Munn.

Photo credit: Dave Mandel/Sherdog