To begin, we see plenty of highlights of the personal tragedy that Mike Chiesa has dealt with since his arrival on TUF, including the passing of his father after he won his elimination-fight. This week, Chiesa will meet Jeremy Larsen as Team Urijah Faber tries to even the score against Team Dominick Cruz.

Faber and Cruz reflect on last week which saw Al Iaquinta defeat Myles Jury by split decision in the first three-round fight on this season.

In an interesting development, Team Cruz member Sam Sicilia is a long-time friend of Chiesa’s, and it isn’t long before Cruz goes after him for information on Chiesa. Sicilia tries to deflect the questions, but Cruz continues to press forward.

Chris Tickle sees a doctor and it is revealed that he is suffering from gout. On a side note, while Cruz says he needs to fight through it, I’ve actually had gout before and it is very difficult to walk on. I couldn’t even imagine fighting with it, so I can show sympathy towards Tickle in this situation.

Both figthers hit the scales, with Chiesa coming in at 155 pounds and Larsen at 154.

It’s fight time, as the bell rings Chiesa starts off with a kick. After some feeling out, Chiesa scores a takedown and begins firing elbows at Larsen. Chiesa seconds his second takedown after letting go of a single-leg takedown and scoring with a double-leg into a slam. Chiesa is deducted a point after striking Larsen with an illegal knee, likely costing him the round, as he was in control throughout with the takedowns.

Chiesa starts the second by trying for another takedown, but Larsen fights it off. After not being able to complete a single-leg, Chiesa goes for the double and gets it, much like in the first round. Chiesa seems fine with riding out the victory, but Larsen finally manages to get the bout standing again. Larsen isn’t able to do much damage, though, and it’s Chiesa with another takedown that he works into a rear-naked choke. Chiesa nearly finishes the fight, but Larsen holds on.

Mike Chiesa earns a victory by unanimous decision over Jeremy Larsen, moving on in the tournament. The next fight is revealed, with Tickle taking on Joe Proctor.